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Creating a Digital Media Foundation for Growth

Creating a flexible digital platform of engagement for a world-leading lifestyle media company capable of handling 2 million page views per hour—while engaging users in social media communities, increasing ad revenue opportunities and lowering overall cost of ownership.

The Challenge

Our client is a powerhouse lifestyle media company that manages some of the world's most popular brands in cooking, travel, home & garden and home improvement entertainment. They reach over 170 million viewers each month with companion websites designed to complement on-air programming with rich "second screen" experiences for consumers across Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

As global economic recovery fueled the rise of a new, affluent middle class, the company began launching channels to meet consumers' desire for the "good life" depicted in these shows, and tap into new advertising growth opportunities. But it wasn't going to be easy.

The company needed to consolidate and transform numerous homegrown web properties while continually building emerging brands. This meant reimagining UX, re-platforming technology to scale and accommodate new stakeholders, building new social media and community functionality—all while optimizing for mobile and moving site functionality to leverage the cloud.

The Transformation

Virtusa Digital helped execute an ambitious three-year digital strategy, transforming the company's core web properties into a unified "digital platform of engagement" that spanned web, mobile and social.

Using Adobe Experience Manager and Amazon Web Services, we created an elastic solution architecture to deliver sub-second personalized content delivery with the ability to scale for 20X traffic growth.

The company's entire social platform was built to encourage active user engagement, lowering barriers for site registration by using social media logins so it was easy to for users to comment, share and participate in communities.

We also performed detailed SEO audits, seamlessly migrated content from legacy systems and helped implement meta data manager and site manager to optimize advertising management.

The Result

The new digital platform helped revolutionize the company's online presence, lowering its overall cost of ownership and maintenance with 99.98% uptime, while giving it the ability to launch new products to sell to the market and advertisers. And user engagement soared.

During the first Thanksgiving holiday post transformation, the new platform handled more than 28 million page views—2 million per hour, 320,000 unique page views per hour and topping out at 450,000 requests per second.

Total number of visits increased by 31.6%, unique visits increased by 29.7%. Page views per site visit increased by 62% while returning visits increased by 121%. And perhaps most impressive, revenue per user increased by 244%, from $0.53 to $2.04.

25% Annual Growthin page views, customer conversion, social registrations, number of returning users, average page views and revenue per user.