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Enabling field technicians to deliver great service

Changing the field service experience by consolidating many disparate applications into a single mobile service platform lowering the cost of service and keeping the customers of this large broadband carrier connected and happy.

The Challenge

In the digital age, connectivity and access to broadband is a lifeline. When there is a service outage, resolving the issue quickly, can be the difference between keeping and losing a customer. Enabling field service technicians with the proper tools and information to resolve customer issues in a timely manner is critical.

Virgin Media is UK's leading telecom services company providing fixed line, mobile, television and broadband internet services to over 4.5 million businesses and consumers. It's a competitive market and any hiccup in service can easily send a customer looking elsewhere.

We decided to get a first-hand view of the problem ourselves so on the first day of the program we saddled up with the Field Service Technicians and joined them for their daily truck rolls. What we observed was nothing short of astonishing. Field service technicians were saddled with legacy equipment and were forced to juggle multiple devices in the field and at the customer site.

Limited data about the customer issue was provided in advance resulting in elongated diagnostics. It would take almost an hour for technicians to get the details of a job and begin to diagnose the issue. Field service tools were limited inhibiting technicians from adequately diagnosing root cause issues. Technicians frequently replaced equipment unnecessarily which drove up costs. The average handling time of field jobs was skyrocketing. Even worse, customers frequently call backed when issues persisted requiring subsequent service calls.

The Transformation

We set out to improve field service effectiveness to allow technicians to deliver better customer service. To accomplish this, we developed a unified mobile app that consolidated all of the field tools and automated the process.

The app provided field service technicians with a real-time work queue list that contained all of the relevant information for the job. Built in GPS navigation guided technicians to the customer location. Based on the type of issue reported, the app was able to automatically initiate diagnostic tests for Wifi speed and signal strength in advance of the technician even getting to the job.

We didn't stop there. The app also provided real time and historical performance data for all customer premise equipment. Technicians were now able to detect faults across the network and devices avoiding guesswork and the replacement of equipment. The app provided guided resolution paths for frequently encountered issues. Automated job closure notes allowed better capturing of issue resolution in the field which in turn enabled better analytics for the product teams to improve product performance and capability over time.

Best of all, field service technicians loved the app.

The Result

Fixing an issue right the first time is a sure way to delight and keep your customers. But saving money while doing it is even more impressive. Virgin Media was able to do just that by saving over $1.6M GBP per year in field servicing costs while improving customer service. Field service technicians benefited from a 30% increase in efficiency, a 25% reduction in repeat service calls, and a 30% reduction in unnecessary and costly equipment swaps.

What's even better is field service technicians were now able to spend more time with clients understanding their needs and offering additional products and services. That's customer centricity.

Saved over $1.6M per year in field servicing costs.