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Creating a digital experience to improve employee engagement

Redefining the employee experience for over 50,000 Time Warner employees by providing seamless access to information across devices and creating collaborative online communities to better serve their end clients.

The Challenge

Time Warner Cable is among the largest providers of video, high-speed data and voice services in the United States, connecting over 16 million customers to entertainment and information. For a company that specializes in customer service for digital services, establishing employee communications is monumental to delivering a great service experience for their customers. If employees do not have timely access to information on the corporation’s products, it could mean the loss of a long time customer or an unhappy, frustrated employee.

The more than 50,000 employees had grown to expect the digital experience of consumer apps like Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter. They expected access to information at their fingertips to improve collaboration and customer satisfaction. The challenge was that Time Warner Cable had a legacy employee portal that was built in 2007 that no longer provided a modern experience. The portal no longer had the most relevant content. Employees didn’t have the ability to collaborate across corporate divisions. They were unable to share important information about corporate governance, recent corporate announcements, and articles with minimal employee involvement. Employee communications across the organization slowed down, forcing employees to frequently communicate through external channels, like Facebook.

The Transformation

We redefined the employee experience by creating an omni-channel, responsive design website using Adobe’s Experience Manager platform to put information back at employee’s fingertips from whatever device they had in their hands. We enabled employees to become more productive and improved collaboration across the organizations. We created a new Employee Digital Experience that mirrored how employees wanted to engage across the entire organization.

The platform, Channel You, gave the communications and marketing team the tools they needed to author content in a consistent, responsive manner, content that could be published across all device channels at the push of a button. As an added benefit, we gave employees the ability to define specific communities for Customer Service, Field Service and other corporate functions where employees could communicate and collaborate on how to best service their end customers.

The Result

The Channel You platform increased employee effectiveness by enabling access to content anywhere, anytime and on any device. A simpler cleaner design provides touch friendly access making it easier to browse and find relevant content. The site provides smarter, more streamlined navigation with quick links on every page. Employees now have a frictionless login with integrated security that allows access to the entire site. New robust authoring capabilities allowed for the rapid development and deployment of rich media content improving usage and time on the site. Increased site performance and scalability allowed more users access to the site and improved employee feedback on the site.

Over 50,000 employees are now using the site on a daily basis to collaborate and better service their end customers.

Best of all, employees love the Channel You experience.

50,000 employees get an improved digital experience.